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The articles in Educator Resources, written by the Museum’s public historians, range from blogs to in-depth publications.

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Musicians on Board

Why did USS Constitution need a band? Who was in the band? This article looks at a musical part of the Ship’s history.

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Maintaining & Restoring an Icon

There have been numerous restorations of USS Constitution throughout her history. Read about some of these efforts to maintain America’s Ship of State in this

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Ship’s Boys

Ship boys were vital members of the 1812 crew–and some were as young as eight years old. Read about the lives of the youngest crew

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The Battle: HMS Guerriere

USS Constitution earned the nickname “Old Ironsides” and became a household name after her victory over HMS Guerriere in August of 1812. This blog post

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Sailors and their Sea Bags

There was not much space for the average sailor’s personal belongings on a Ship with 500 crew members. Each seaman was provided with one seabag

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Perils of the Sea

Joining the Navy provided many opportunities for 1812 sailors, but life on board a warship at this time was dangerous. Battles resulted in gruesome injuries,

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Head Lines

Where did sailors go to the bathroom at sea? The answer varied depending on rank. Read this blog article to learn about “doing your business”