Copper-Bottomed Ship

Find out why the bottom of USS Constitution is covered in copper and discuss the merits of copper versus wood in ship design.

Activity: Write a Secret Message

Learn how to write a secret message using 19th century invisible ink: lemon juice and heat! This activity is inspired by a real-life secret message

A Flawed Launch to a Flawless Career

A lesson in “if at first you don’t succeed, try again:” it took USS Constitution three tries to be launched into Boston Harbor in 1797.

How High is that Similar Triangle?

This lesson teaches students to use similar triangles and congruent angles with “shadow reckoning” to find out the height of a tall object on your

Coopers: Building a Barrel

The cooper was one of the skilled sailors on board USS Constitution: he knew how to make and repair barrels. This was important because barrels

Build an Alka-Seltzer Cannon

Using Alka-Seltzer tablets and canisters, students will produce a chemical change to recreate the loading and firing of a gun on Constitution.

Reloading Relay

Students learn about the responsibilities of the Marines on USS Constitution during battle. Students are then given a challenge: work in teams to use measurements

Simple Machines and Basic Science

USS Constitution was built as a fighting machine and the crew used the six simple machines of science to accomplish the work required. Thinking like

Team Building Challenge

Students will experience the challenges of working as a team to build a “hidden” structure. They will use communication and teamwork, just as Constitution sailors

Telling Time on a Ship

Students make a half hour glass that measures time just like on a naval vessel in 1812. This lesson integrates math, using 24-hour time, telling